video premiere: laleh’s ‘colors’

a scandinavian star comes stateside

Swedish singer Laleh is already a major star in Scandinavia, and one look at her latest video makes it easy to see why. In the video for “Colors,” an exuberant song with a huge hook, Laleh is magnetic as she dances in spectacular jewelry and costumes, provided by the video’s director B. Akerlund. “Laleh is a super creative singer-songwriter and I couldn’t be happier for her to be the first artist collaboration for WHOYOUARE,” she says, referring to the creative agency she runs in LA. “We both saw eye to eye on the vision for the video and created an incredible piece of art together. I used this opportunity to have emerging fashion and colorful graphics bring Laleh’s lyrics and music to life like paint brings life to the canvas.”  

Laleh escaped Iran with her family when she was one year old, and for her, the video represents hope in a time when there seems to be none. “As Paul Simon once said, there is an element of magic in music, and that’s really true,” she says. “For just a couple of minutes you can recreate the world, and that’s what this song is about. Just because it’s black in the dark doesn’t mean there is no color.” Check it out below.