Video Premiere: My Gold Mask’s “Battles”

watch the video premiere

Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo began recording as My Gold Mask back in 2009, but it wasn't until 2013, when they were joined by drummer and programmer James Andrew, that their musical vision began to crystalize. With the help of producer Balthazar de Ley, their sound suddenly became charged with an electric current, and as they began to hone their aesthetic with a slew of dark, whirring synth pop gems, the band came closer and closer sounding the way they wanted. 

That nadir was reached with "Battles," a visceral and industrial-tinged anthem and the first single off the Chicago-based trio's upcoming album, Anxious Utopia. We're premiering the song's strikingly minimalist video, which features Rochelle in full rockstar mode. "Battles is the first song we wrote since becoming a three piece that really felt like us to us," she told us. "It's the track that propelled us forward on the path to completing Anxious Utopia, so when director Kasia Koniar expressed interest in directing a video for it, we were so thrilled. We think the minimal, muted palette complements the tone of the song and the themes of struggle, beautifully."

Watch it above.