Video Premiere: Scavenger Hunt “Lost”

dreamy electro-pop to spring into the new season

In a way, February is the misfit month of the year—it's only 28 days long and the weather is always up and down. In a way, it just can't really figure itself out. No doubt that electro-pop quartet Scavenger Hunt can relate as they attempt to lead the way in the lyric video for their catchy single "Lost."

Founding members Dan Mufson (bass, keys) and Jill Lamoureux (vocals) refer to the band as their "brainchild." Even their name is an extension of their experiences: "Everywhere you go, and with every person you meet, come new opportunities," says Mufson. "Navigating the business of Los Angeles felt like a scavenger hunt to success—where any circumstance could increase the odds of achieving a goal, or helping someone along the way."

Between the slow car rides and long walks on the beach reminiscent of our fave '80s and '90s flicks, Scavenger Hunt's graphic tee-filled "Lost" has us wishing that we could get ditch our day jobs and wander around the golden state. The build up to the chorus literally feels like the tide approaching... Ugh, why can't it be real?! (And if you're wondering why they sound so familiar, it's probably because you've heard them in commercials for Estee Lauder, Virgin Mobile, and Hollister.) 

Who said  ~ teenage dreams ~  have to die when you become an adult anyway? While you let that realization sink in, download Scavenger Hunt's self-titled EP here, and stay connected via Facebook and Twitter.