Video Premiere: Venus And The Moon, “Hungry Ghost”

galactic country music approved by cat power.

When your last name is Phoenix, your band is bound to get a bit of recognition. But for Rain Phoenix and Frally Hynes, star power is certainly not what's taken them this far. Since teaming up, the duo has toured with Cat Power, collaborated with Chris Stills and Rufus Wainwright, and created a new musical genre: galactic country.

Inspired by cosmic energy, particularly of Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and femininity) and the Moon (which incites reflection, intuition, and human emotions), Phoenix and Hynes have crafted their own distinct sound, filled with chilling harmonies and twinkling melodies. Their latest single, "Hungry Ghost," explores the addictive underbelly of relationships. It showcases the duo's raw, experimental nature through dark bridges and atypical instrumentals. And much like the song itself, the video also reflects the instinctive, spontaneous spirit of the group: "The video for 'Hungry Ghost' seemed to have a mind of its own," the group says. "Director Katie Davison shot the dancer at high speed, thinking she would use parts of it in the piece, but when she added the song in the editing bay—the performance lined up perfectly with the track. We loved it and felt it spoke to the soul of 'Hungry Ghost.'"

Watch the video below and find out more about Venus and the Moon here.