Watch Virgie Tovar Explain The Difference Between Body Positivity And Fat Activism

Her book, ‘You Have the Right to Remain Fat,’ is out now

Virgie Tovar is an advocate for fat activism, which is not to be confused with the body positivity movement. In fact, she has some critiques on how the concept of body positivity is marketed—notably, that it’s not set up in a way that gives a voice to everyone. “An issue I have with body positivity," Tovar says, "is that the face of it becomes increasingly whiter, straighter, and thinner the more that the movement gains traction."

Watch above as she explains what needs to change in the body positivity movement and talks about her new book, You Have the Right to Remain Fat.


Shot by Dani Okon

Edited by Madeline Stedman

Produced by Alexandra Hsie

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