virtual tour of cbgb’s

walk around inside the holy temple of rock…

by Josh Madden

Every once in a while when an H20 track comes up on our iTunes or when we're walking down the Bowery at night and we pass 315 we're reminded of one of the many great times spent at CBGB's. While time and progress change things and we're glad the music lovers at John Varvatos & Co. have taken over the space, we do wish we had more pictures of this rock n' roll shrine. If only there was some way we could take our friends where when re-counting old stories. Well thanks to the folks at Bravado, now there is! Our buddy Mike Cohen sent us this cryptic link last week that starts you out in the CB's bathroom and from there you can literally view every inch of the venue. For everyone who ever wanted to hang out back stage or behind the bar, now you can. Simply click HERE and follow the neon arrows around the whole venue. It's pretty radical to say the least!