eat your heart out

do chocolate brains count as a protein?

by steff yotka

Usually when we say, "Eat your heart out," we mean it figuratively. Not this time! Thanks to Visual Anatomy, you can munch on a chocolate version of a human heart... or ear, lung, eye, pancreas, intestine, liver, or knee.

Founded by medical illustrator Tina Pavlatos, Visual Anatomy was created in 2000 after she came up with the idea to handcraft teensy organ chocolates as gifts for her clients. Now you can buy boxed sets of your favorite organs to give loved ones with dark senses of humor or penchants for dark chocolate. 

If you don't want to commit to a boxed set, there are also giant individual pieces of lungs, eyes, and ears that we recommend using to create a replica of a human body as well as stomach chocolates on a stick, for those who need a snack on-the-go. 

Check out all of the internal organ chocolates here, and as they say on the Visual Anatomy site, "Bone appetit."