VonZipper Fashion Film

just getting into some shady business.

by rebecca willa davis

No matter the It Bags we buy, the heels that we own, the statement jackets we wear, nothing makes an outfit look cool quite like a pair of shades.

Need proof? Check out this new fashion film from VonZipper; the sunglasses and eyewear brand make even basic black sunnies look like an absolute wardrobe staple.

And because no cool video is without a cool soundtrack, meet Wake Up Lucid, an L.A.-based garage rock trio whose blues-inflected "Let It Roll" is the perfect song to pair with the hazy, sun-dappled mini-movie. You can pick up their new 7-inch here--or even better, download the track below after you watch the Von Zipper clip (and of course, shop the looks right here).