Wacko Wacko Girls All Over Me Tee

wear your music heart on your sleeve.

by melissa giannini

All of the punk nerds at NYLON HQ tripped over their Chucks when this bad girl arrived in the mail, courtesy of Hunx and his Punx's Seth Bogart. Featuring illustrations by the Hunx himself (AKA Wacko Wacko) of some of the most badass women in music, from Siouxsie Sioux to Britney, bitch, it's certainly not the most subtle case of "office twins" when we all show up wearing it on the same day. Luckily, the tee is tailor-made for alterations--sleeves rolled, knotted at the waist, oversize and cropped, you name it. And it kind of goes without saying that it’s the perfect X-mas gift for the X-Ray Spex fan on your list.

Get the top here and get your mind blown by Bogart fave Poly Styrene in the video below.