Warby Parker Fall Collection

peep warby parker’s fall collection here.

by liza darwin

Boasting 20/20 vision might be a good thing 99-percent of the time, but that last 1-percent? That's all due to Warby Parker.

Each season the New York-based brand churns out eyewear cute enough to make anyone want to ditch the contacts and go for the frames (the wallet-friendly price tag and do-good mentality don't hurt, either...)

While we're still obsessing over WP's Waterway campaign from just a few weeks ago, already the label is looking toward fall (pun intended) with nine new shapes. From the retro-bending round Duran to the hipsterized clear Coley to The Talented Mr. Ripley-esque Chandler, Warby's got an eyelass for everyone.

So whether you're planning on spending your autumn holed up in the library or padding around the city, shop Warby Parker fall right here. Then, see the specs in action below!