washed out

pitting the new “clean” and “dirty” body sprays against each other…..

by liza darwin

You get dirty. You shower. You get clean. Pretty basic, right?

Not according to Lush Cosmetics, who has just released a whole line of products called "Dirty." And while the collection of shower gel, shaving cream, and body mist doesn't actually smell like mud and grime, the name does take our go-to logic and turn it on its head.

Originally intended for men-"but meant for a woman to steal," according to the brand website- these unisex products smell like a '90s throwback in the best way possible, like CK One with a refreshingly springy undertone. We spritzed the body spray all over our room and our roommates popped in immediately to borrow it, which shows how inexplicably addictive it is.

But if the name "Dirty" throws you off, here's a more straightforward option. CLEAN, the company known for scents like "Fresh Laundry" and "Warm Cotton," has just debuted a sweet-smelling body mist. The body spray is lightweight, cooling, and smells like you just stepped out of the shower.

So while the choice of these extreme- but equally awesome- products is up to you, don't sweat it. Either way you know you're going to end up totally fresh.

Buy "Clean" here.

Buy "Dirty" here.