washed out

clear mind, clean body, can’t lose?

by liza darwin

We're usually still half-asleep by the time we drag ourselves in the shower in the mornings. This means that we can barely muster enough energy to make our daily mental to-do list, let alone have some deep life breakthrough.

But ironically, that's exactly the premise behind Philadelphia-based American Mortals. The unisex collection of shampoo ("Champo"), conditioner ("Hair-O-In") and lotion ("Rev-O-Lotion") is fresh-smelling, eco-friendly, and aims to "free yourself in mind."

We were curious if the line lived up to its goal, so we tried it for ourselves during an unusually hectic week. While it didn't cause any major life re-evaluations, these gentle, nourishing products did make us feel great. Is singing in the shower the next step to shaking up our morning wakeup routine?

Buy the products at Woodley and Bunny.