Watch The Amazing Trailer For ‘Later That Same Life’

‘Later That Same Life’

Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller is something of a Renaissance man. He's published several science-fiction novels, appeared in plays off Broadway, built a successful career as a voice actor, and has even had his oil paintings featured in New York galleries. But in terms of pure ingenuity, none of it compares to his latest project, an ambitious film called Later That Same Life, which is 38 years in the making.

When he was 18 years old, Emshwiller recorded himself asking interview questions to his future self. Through some techincal wizardry, cunning editing, and plain old luck, Emshwiller, who is now 56, sat down with his younger self to tell him how his life has played out. As you can expect, not everything turned out as planned, and the final result is a surreal, funny, and surprisingly moving meditation on life and the expectations and promise of youth. Emshwiller is currently funding the movie online, and you can watch the clip above. 

(via Slate)