George Clooney and Julia Roberts Are In Crisis Mode In The ‘Money Monster’ Trailer

We’re sold.

The star power in the new trailer for Money Monster is blinding, but that's what happens when your movie has George Clooney and Julia Roberts, two movie stars that were created in a lab, and British livewire Jack O'Connell, who has the chops to be a legend-in-the-making. The thriller, which was directed by Jodie Foster, is a timely tale the destructive forces of greed and power, with Clooney playing one of those financial guru television hosts who seems to have all the answers (the movie gets its title from his character's nick name). Roberts plays his longtime producer, who needs to make some tough decisions once Clooney gets taken hostage live on air by O'Connell's character, a pissed off investor who lost everything thanks to some crooked business. The movie starts off as a black-and-white hostage thriller, but reveals shades of grey as it develops into a morality tale about financial corruption and the victims it leaves in its wake. We're sold. 

Money Monster hits theaters on May 13.