Watch the Terrifying Trailer for ‘The Visit’

visiting your grandparents will never be the same

With The Visit, Director M. Night Shyamalan has taken every kid's greatest fear—a week at grandpa and grandma's—and turned it into a living nightmare. Seriously, the first trailer for the Sixth Sense director's first foray into low-budget horror looks bone-chilling. The premise is simple: A single mom drops her two kids off at her parents' Pennsylvania farm for the week, and things go smoothly until they really, really don't.

Shyamalan's reputation has suffered greatly since early career hits like The Sixth Sense and Signs made him a household name. His last movie—the Will and Jaden Smith sci-fi epic After Earth—was a fiasco, so it's nice to see him stripping a movie down to its essential element: scaring the sh*t out of you.

The Visit comes out September 11.