watch your tone

theseclothes come with a split personality.

by liza darwin

We're fickle, we know. We switch up our coffee order every other day, we can never decide what to wear, and music taste? Forget about it. We just can't choose one band.

Clearly, we're not the only ones who can't make up our minds.

This season, designers like Alexander Wang, Chloe, and Herve Leger showed Spring collections that were literally split right down the middle. We've already seen tights that are white in front and black in back; a dress where the left side is green and the right is gray; and glasses in equally eye-popping shades of red and orange.

While "more is more" is usually a good thing, in this instance, we're not so sure (we know.. typical). Does this double-color look make it easier to get dressed in the morning? Or is it just too much?

Check out our picks of this tonal trend below and let us know!

Maison Martin Margiela, $465

VPL, $265

Alexander Wang, $675

Urban Outfitters, $14

Herve Leger, $1,150

Martin LaMothe, $275

Spitfire, $34