your sex is on fire. literally.

by faran krentcil

If we saw something called "Sex Wax" at the drugstore, we'd assume it belonged in the condom aisle and walk away (at least until nobody was looking). But avid surfers know that "Sex Wax," besides being a nutso name, is also a trusted brand of board sealant, and so when we saw tiny tins of it in our favorite beauty boutique, we were intrigued.

It turns out the California brand has taken their extra surf wax and infused it with scented natural oils, then turned it into candles for your bedroom or living room.  They're still called Sex Wax for maximum shock effect, but they've got perfumes like coconut, grape, and strawberry - hardly the stuff of an illicit boudoir.

Be warned, when you first pick one up, it'll smell like a Jolly Rancher - really strong, really obvious, and really sugary.  But once you melt the wax down, you get the mellow, sweet feel that recalls an after-surf nap on the beach. That's great any time of year, but especially welcome now, when Fall winds are slowly eroding all memories of summer fun.

$10 each on Amazon