The Cast Of ‘We Are Your Friends’ Show Us The Art of Skateboarding

in an epic behind-the-scenes video

by nylon

The castmembers of the upcoming film We Are Your Friends are much like the movie's setting: young, vivacious, and good to look at. Set in Southern California, the electronic-dance drama encapsulates what it's really like to be a Millennial living in one of the most entertainment-fueled parts of the country.

With such a young cast and crew, it's easy to assume that the making of the movie must have been as colorful and exciting as the movie's premise. A behind-the-scenes video of the crew skateboarding (because it is Southern California, after all) to a booming electronic-dance song confirms this assumption. The cast and crew looks like they're having the absolute best time, cruising down the streets on their skateboards, and it's gets us pumped to see how that excitement was channeled into the film.

We Are Your Friends is hitting theaters this Friday, August 28.