we catch up with dave 1 of chromeo

The electric-funk duo is kicking off the summer with its endless party vibes…

by Christian Lavery

In front of the world’s largest ice luge stands Chromeo—the electric-funk duo made up of Dave 1 and P-Thugg. The two are in Boston helping Johnny Appleseed kick off the summer. Chromeo has its own reasons to celebrate, though. Fresh off the release of the their fourth album White Women, the longtime friends are wowing everyone with countless songs featuring smooth vocals, groovy beats, and catchy hooks. But before Chromeo takes the stage to provide the people of Boston with a live performance, a DJ set, and endless party vibes, we manage to catch up with Dave 1 to get his thoughts on the music and more.

Your new album White Women...what was your inspiration behind the album?We tried to make it a little more post modern and contemporary while weaving in other collaborators. It’s the one album we worked the hardest on. We spent 2 years on it. We wanted to show ourselves that we could pull off a straight up R&B joint, that we could pull off a pop song like "Jealous." Just really set a new president for ourselves with this one.

On this album you worked with Solange, Ezra from Vampire Weekend, and Toro Y Moi. Is there one artist you’d still love to work with?Yeah. Of course. Banks, HAIM, Dev Hynes, Travis Scott.

ASAP Ferg is in the "Jealous" video. How did that come about?That’s my boy. Im met him through my brother A-trak years ago. I’ve known him since the A$AP’s mixtape days and we always supported him as he’s done for us. It was a no brainer to have him make a cameo. We thought everyone would love it.

You guys are playing a lot of big shows and festivals this summer. I imagine you guys are excited?Oh definitely! We're playing Lollapalooza, MAde In America, Outside Lands, a concert in Central Park. We can't wait. It's gona be amazing.

What’s one thing you always bring with you on the road?Oh, my Ray Bans. I'm always wearing those.

I know P-thugg has quite the Versace collection. Do you collect anything like that? Absolutley nothing. I have a lot of suits, leather jackets, the stuff you see me wear on the road. P’s got a dedicated verasce closet. He’s a hoarder (laughs). I’m not like that.

What was the first live show you went to?The first ever? I think I was 15. It was Lollapoolza in Montreal when it was still a traveling festival. A Tribe Called Quest played, the Beasties Boys, Funkadelic--it was pretty crazy.

Best or worst advice you were ever given?Nobody ever gave us too much advice coming up. But if I had to give some it would just be to find your own thing and stick to it. People thought Chromeo wouldn’t last or that it would become a novelty act. Look at us know, though. We knew our lane and we strived to get better and better.