crazy about our may cover girl.

by nylon

Can't get enough Chloe Grace Moretz? We're right there with you.

Since you've definitely read our May issue cover-to-cover by now, check out these additional never-before-seen quotes from the actress below!

On growing up and not having to compete for attention: "My mom kept an amazing atmosphere in the house because no one had to compete for anything. Everyone had their own moment. If you want to be a gymnast or a tennis player or a golf player or an actor, she was like, 'well, okay. Let's do it. We're going to go full steam ahead and we're not going quit. If you start in soccer game, you're going to finish it.'''

On taking selfies: "I talk to my friends all day on the phone, and when we're around each other we're still on our phones, and we're talking selfies. It's become such a part of our society."

On partying with her family: "You know, I can make anything my own thing. Even when I'm at a Dior party or Chanel party, I bring my family with me and people with me and surround myself with them. I have that little bubble, where I'm having fun with my family, and I'm dancing with them, and drinking my Sprite. I make everything personal more than a business situation."

On being nice: "There are some actors in the world who aren't very good, but when you meet them they're the nicest people in the world and literally the most fun to work with. And you go, 'okay, that's why you work all the time. You're a fine actor, you can get the job done, but you're a great person to be around.' They'd rather pay millions of dollars to be around a fun person than a diva who ruins their day but who is amazing. Be a good actor, do your job, but also be nice because you have no reason to be a diva. There's never a reason for it.