Nick Melons On Cultivating The WeDidIt Mentality Into Something Sustainable

    DIY on a whole new level

    by · October 06, 2016

    For fans of producers like Shlohmo, Nick Melons, and RL Grime, the connection to WeDidIt runs deep. Established in 2012 as an independent record label, the collective now has a huge cult following. But those who rep WeDidIt know that it is so much more than a brand—WeDidIt is a lifestyle.

    Primarily based on the internet, the crew releases bundles of merch in limited batches every season. Described by many as “bratty,” their ’90s-inspired designs are minimal with a subtle dose of the cool factor whether that be in the form of an upside down smiley face or a photo of Sade. Coming from a group of self-identified outsiders, this apparel is fronted by the music industry’s underground insiders.

    “I feel like I’m supposed to know about all this stuff, but I can’t keep up because there’s so much online,” says Melons. “I haven’t been using the internet as much. It’s so nice. It’s like stopping watching the news, it’s a very similar feeling. It’s very relaxing.”

    No matter what they are working on, the WeDidIt crew is all about doing things themselves. It’s DIY without all the cheesiness that tends to come with the culture. WeDidIt cares about the craftsmanship, focusing their attention on every single detail. More importantly, they do it because it’s fun.

    We recently caught up with Melons to learn more about how the brand came into existence and evolved to the level of being carried at Opening Ceremony. Find out what he had to say, below.

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