Instagram / @TasteOfStreep

Weird Celebrity Food Instagrams Are Our New Favorite Thing

meryl & cheese, anyone?

by Sarah Beauchamp

Have you ever wanted to know what your favorite celebrity looks like standing on a sandwich? How about what Meryl Streep looks like lounging naked in a basket of ketchup-covered fries? No? Well, sometimes the Internet brings us things we never even knew we needed. 

The Instagram account @CelebsOnSandwiches joins two of our favorite things—food and famous people—and features watercolor paintings of celebrities posing with sandwiches. Los Angeles-based artist Jeff McCarthy, the artist behind the prints, told Mashable that he came to the idea when eating an Italian sandwich and talking about Aziz Ansari's love of food with his girlfriend. Thus, Celebs On Sandwiches was born. 

"Our culture's fascination with celebrities is kind of crazy," McCarthy said. "The idea of bringing some humor to it all just made sense."

The account also includes Nick Offerman on a bacon sandwich and Miley Cyrus on an Egg McMuffin. 

Since @CelebsOnSandwiches emerged, more weird celebrity food instagram accounts have popped up, including our new favoite @TasteOfStreep

Taste of Streep features images of Meryl Streep photoshopped on to your favoite snacks, like nachos and Girl Scout Cookies. 

Here she is chilling on a piece of avacado toast: 

And here she is holding a poodle on a donut: 

Leave it to Meryl Streep to convincingly play a bowl of mac & cheese.