Look At The Weird Stuff People Found In Their Family’s Houses While Home For Thanksgiving

Pretty sure at least half of these are haunted.

by Eric Shorey

Tchotchkes and trinkets and knick-knacks, oh my! Twitter users this weekend began sharing the weird junk they found lying around (or, sometimes, proudly displayed) at their parents' places while home for Thanksgiving. We're not exactly sure what spooky tag sale all your folks attended back in the '70s, but at least 65 percent of these objects are hella cursed.

From questionable in-law decorating decisions to botched taxidermy to stuffed animal nightmares, it turns out one thing all of America has in common is a fondness for useless (and perhaps spiritually tainted) memorabilia.

The bizarre trend was started by Twitter user @jenndangerous, who asked to see "pictures of weird stuff in your parents house." The tweet garnered over seven thousand replies. 

We've all seen Annabelle, right? We know how this story ends. Time to get rid of these corrupted toys before they take your soul, fam!

Check out some of the more nightmarish examples from the exaustive thread, below!

That last one's actually pretty cool. It can stay.