the return of your favorite lipstick.

by ali hoffman

If you live for nick@nite's classic reruns, have an "oldies" station on your Pandora profile, or frequent

regularly, we suggest you continue reading.

This month, M.A.C's giving way to our nostalgic side by bringing back a range of the most popular discontinued items. The best part: Anyone can vote on which products they wish to resurrect (meaning we may longer need to spend absurd amounts on eBay for our all-time favorite lipstick).

Here's how it works: The makeup brand's listed 18 of their most requested lipsticks, glosses, and shadows on their Facebook page.  You have til March 30th to vote for your favorites. Come the end of July, M.A.C will release M.A.C By Request, a new collection featuring the top three winners from each category. 

And no, this doesn't mean we also encourage scouring the internet for an original Tickle Me Elmo.