“Wells For Boys” ‘SNL’ Skit Featuring Emma Stone Goes Beyond Gender Norms

“Don’t just give him a Barbie”

During last night’s live show, Saturday Night Live took a slight break from Trump skits and gave us a little holiday treat courtesy of “Wells for Boys.”

The skit, featuring a hilarious Emma Stone as the mother of a sensitive little boy, pokes fun at children’s playset maker Fisher-Price and their knack for pleasing their young market.

The plastic “water well” that the parody ad’s gentle little boy constantly ponders into is meant to give him a safe space to escape to. During one scene, we even see “mom” Emma tell the camera crew her son “wants to go back to the well” instead of doing the commercial.

This play on the oft-debated gendered children’s toys topic is a refreshing take from SNL, whose commercial skits often knock it out of the park in portraying companies’ advertising styles. This time around, the sensitive boys get the classic princess treatment with play sets like the aforementioned well, as well as a plastic balcony to announce things, and a shattered mirror for more “reflection.”

Much like the country’s current mood, these kids “toys” quite literally reflect what we’re all feeling during the never-ending 2016.

Toward the end of the commercial, the voiceover even jokes that “Wells for Boys” is like giving little boys a Barbie... but not exactly. If you ask us, the well would make a perfect gift to any little boy (or girl!) this holiday season! Shoot, it would be great for some adults.

If this ad is any indication, we’re hoping SNL continues to poke fun at gender norms in pop culture—especially in contrast with the inevitable upcoming Trump parodies that Trump will then tweet about.