Watch the Full Trailer For HBO’s Sci-Fi Epic ‘Westworld’

Watch the enigmatic new trailer

To assure their viewers that sex and violence are going nowhere after Game of Thrones wraps its sixth season this Sunday, HBO debuted the trailer for its long-awaited drama, Westworld. Premiering this October, the very ambitious, and even more expensive ($54 million, to be exact), show takes place in a Wild West-style theme park that's populated with androids built to fulfill the sexual desires of the park's visitors. Sounds tight. More specifically, though, the moody and creepy trailer gives us a first look at Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores, who, based on the fly crawling on her eyeball, is less than human. The show will follow her as she makes that discovery.

We also catch glimpses of the show's sprawling cast of other highly talented actors, who include Sir Anthony Hopkins as the park's "creative director," Thandie Newton as the madame, and Jeffrey Wright as the park's resident brainiac. Ed Harris' mysterious bad guy, known mysteriously as the Man in Black, also makes a brief and slightly terrifying appearance.

Westworld represents HBO's biggest gamble since Game of Thrones. Its sci-fi and fantasy elements guarantee that it will cost a ton of money to produce, so it will need to attract a large and devoted audience to justify its existence. The show (based on a movie from 1973), which was created by Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy, hit a snag last January when production was unexpectedly delayed, but it looks like everything's back on track to make it fall's most talked-about show. We really hope it's as good as it looks.