Is “Wet Dry” Shampoo The New Dry Shampoo?

If it is, we’re here for it

I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with dry shampoo. I’ve tried a ton of those currently out there, but it's rare for me to find one that I like.

Most of the time, I find dry shampoo to be drying or heavily scented, or it leaves a white, chalky residue on my roots. Over the course of my search for the best dry shampoo, two have actually become my go-tos: R+Co’s Death Valley and Amika’s Perk Up. Both get the job done—and get it done well.

Now, more options are on the market, courtesy of those same brands. Both R+Co and Amika have launched new formulas that put a twist on classic dry shampoo by making it, well, wet... again. 

In early April, R+Co launched the revolutionary Spiritualized, a dry shampoo that uses micellar technology to suspend cleansing powder that not only cleans the hair but refreshes and moisturizes it without any powdery residue left behind. And because the formula includes castor oil, it soothes and prevents an itchy, dry scalp, rather than causing it.

And just last week, Amika launched its Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam. Using a rice starch-infused formula, this wonder foam coats the roots and then magically evaporates, not only cleansing the hair but also giving it hydration and volume. And again, no residue is left behind once it dries.

The final verdict? Both do an incredible job at refreshing hair a few days post-wash or after a rigorous workout.

Yes, your roots will get a little wet, but not wet enough to mess up your hairstyle (as long as you carefully aim the product where you want it). Both formulas dry relatively quickly, leaving your hair feeling fully refreshed (as if you actually washed it). And while some classic—er, dry—dry shampoos do tend to leave enough residue if only to achieve that tousled, voluminous “second-day hair” look sans any gross oiliness, both of these new formulas manage to still give the hair a bit of body.

And I know, I know—wet formulas aren’t an exactly new thing. But when two cult-followed brands drop new formulas (that actually work) around the same time? We smell a dry shampoo revolution in the works.

You can shop R+Co’s Spiritualized at for $28, and Amika’s Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam at for $25.