We Finally Know What Happened To Audrey In ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

Well, sort of

What happened to Audrey Horne? Why was she noticeably missing from Twin Peaks: The Return? Where was that white room she woke up in? The answers to the questions many were left with at the finale of the third (and maybe final?) season of the cult favorite television show are finally coming to light.

Mark Frost, one of Twin Peaks co-writers and directors, releases his new book, Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, today. In it, he outlines what happened to Audrey after the bomb went off in the bank vault, sending her into a coma. Turns out, Audrey was in that coma for three-and-a-half weeks. In that time, Bad Cooper (Agent Cooper's doppelgänger from The Black Lodge) raped and impregnated her. Richard, who we meet in The Return, is the result of that assault. According to Frost's book, written as if it were a series of FBI files, Audrey had never returned to school but did eventually complete her GED. 

All was not well with Audrey, though. Frost writes that she became a bit of a recluse after abruptly closing the salon she had opened in town. Audrey married her accountant around the time Richard turned 10. Her husband is likely the stout bespeckled gentleman with a mustache whom Audrey argues with before making her return to The Roadhouse, where she performs one final dance, before waking up in an all-white room in the final shot of The Return. The files read, “[Audrey] seemed to vanish from public life, into agoraphobic seclusion, or, one troubling rumor suggests, a private care facility. The Horne family spokesperson has refused to respond to all inquiries regarding her whereabouts."

Were we inside a dream of Audrey's when we met her in The Return? That's debatable, of course. It's likely the private care facility Frost writes of is where Audrey was the whole time, dreaming up her final encounter with her husband and her final dance before waking up and closing our her narrative. The actual truth, however, in true Lynchian fashion, is cryptic and not what you think.