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Wild Belle’s “Our Love Will Survive” Video Takes You A Surreal Journey Through Jamaica

premiering right here

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album Dreamland (out April), psych-pop duo Wild Belle are premiering the video for their single “Our Love Will Survive,” right here. Directed by Philippa Price, the poetic clip bursts with life, and features Chicago siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman journeying through a exotic fantasia of dilapidated ruins, machete-weilding dancers, and overgrown jungles. They are in fact, in Jamaica, a country that has special meaning to the Bergmans. 

“We went to Jamaica with Super 8 cameras and 32 rolls of film and discovered an abandoned castle and a hardware store filled with 8 dollar machetes,” says Natalie. “We met beautiful twins with golden eyes. I brought a suitcase filled with leather and camouflage. We nearly got arrested by Jamaican policemen and I talked my way out of it. My eyes fell out in the Caribbean Sea shooting the underwater scenes.”

Watch it below.