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wildfang’s lookbook comes on vhs!

Whenever you hear the term "VHS tape," do memories of your Kindergarten graduation and hours spent with your favorite Disney princesses come rushing back to you?! Us, too. After today, though, you'll probably think of Portland-based fashion brand, curators, and shop, Wildfang, whenever someone mentions the throwback recording tape.

The self-proclaimed place "where tomboys call home" has just released its brand new lookbook, which comes with VHS tape GIFs. Yes, just when you thought animated versions of your favorite scenes from film and TV couldn't get any better, they do.

The video clips feature three best friends who jump on couches that have been abandoned in the street, hop fences, and sit on downhill-headed skateboards--all while rocking the store's latest "Wolf Pack" collection of embroidered denim jackets, graphic tanks, and printed crewneck sweatshirts. Trust us when we say you'll wish the clips from this video were part of your own home collection--but the best part is, the outfits can be.

Peep the GIFs and pieces from Wolf Pack in the gallery and go hook up your own tomboy side at!