all photos courtesy of wildfox


first look: wildfox

meet your dream vacation wardrobe.

by liza darwin

If you know Wildfox, then you already know that the L.A. brand goes far beyond super comfy, super cute T-shirts (although, duh, we love those the most!). Each season we can always count on the California label, which has recently branched out into denim and sunglasses, to shake up our pop culture memories in a whole new way.

In the past it's given us reasons to re-watch 



The Great Gatsby, 

but for spring 2014, things are getting dreamy with a gorgeous lookbook inspired by 

Blue Lagoon. 

Featuring wavy mermaid hair and tops stamped with lobster motifs, it's a tropical paradise so perfect, even Brooke Shields would be jealous. 

According to the designer Kimberley Gordon, the concept behind the collection is a combination of runway trends and personal inspiration: "You get the feeling about what's going to be big from the runway, and then I pick a story based on that and what's inspiring me. I saw tropical and immediately thought of a island girl, with beautiful flowing hair--totally 

Blue Lagoon." 

Even if you're not heading to the beach during winter break, click through the lookbook exclusively here and check out Gordon's playlist below--because everyone can use a Wildfox vacation. 

Wildfox's Winter Vacation Playlist:

Say Lou Lou-- "Beloved (Tiedye Remix)


Haerts-- "Wings


Miley Cyrus-- "#GetItRight


Tropic Of Pisces---"Symmetry


Blood Orange-- "You're Not Good Enough


SZA--"Ice Moon


Lorde-- "Buzzcut Season


Ambulance LTD--"Anecdote" 

Young Summer--"Waves That Rolled You Under


St. Lucia – "When The Night