Willow Smith “Why Don’t You Cry” Music Video

‘why don’t you cry’

Willow Smith, ethereal angelchild and renegade anti-celebrity, wants to know "Why don't you cry?" Or perhaps it is a polite suggestion and assertion, as in, "Why don't you cry, after all." Either way, her new electro-pop video hit today, with a short-haired, emotional Willow dancing about and wondering why exactly is she/we/society don't just let the waterworks flow freely. (Strangely, this is the danciest song she's put out since, say, "Whip Your Hair" despite the emotional imploring.) The video, produced by i-D, isn't particularly groundbreaking—it has Willow feeling split in two and eventually "fusing" with herself, crying and staring into the mirror, arguing with her parents, and doing some wavy-armed dances. Basically, she's just being Willow, who is this special being who also happens to be a teenager—which, for her, means transcending time and space, but doing so with a lot of feelings and pronouncements on, say, the space-time continuum. 

So, why don't you cry? Seriously. Why don't you?