Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner Reunite In The ‘Wind River’ Trailer

The two Avengers head north to catch a killer

The basic premise for the new thriller Wind River is pretty standard. An unlikely duo teams up to solve a crime, butting heads at first but eventually figuring it out. Writer and director, Taylor Sheridan, puts a twist on that scenario by setting his story amidst an unforgiving winter landscape. Specifically, Wind River takes place on an Indian reservation in Wyoming, where a local game tracker, played by Jeremy Renner, discovers a young girl’s body in the snow. Cue the fish-out-of-water FBI agent who arrives to investigate the case, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and you have your movie.

Renner and Olsen make a solid as their superhero alter egos, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, in Marvel's Avengers movies, but it looks like they'll have a harder time getting along here. Wind River has been earning solid reviews since its premiere at Sundance last January, which comes as no surprise. Sheridan is on something of a hot streak, having written Sicario and last year’s Oscar-nominated Hell or High Water before this. Wind River marks his directorial debut and looks like the same kind of brainy, airtight thriller he’s fast becoming known for. Check out the trailer above, and catch Wind River when it hits theaters on August 4.