wipe out

practice safe sun: designer sunscreen is now $5.

by faran krentcil

Attention beach babes: You've run out of excuses not to wear sunscreen at all times. Sephora just put Supergoop's SPF wipes on sale for $5 per pack, and that's major for a few reasons:

1. These wipes are formulated for sensitive skin, which means... drumroll... no redness or skin irritation, even on recently-shaved legs.

2. These wipes don't count as a liquid, so you can throw them into your carry-on bag at the airport without any hassle. (You can also throw them anywhere in your beach bag or the backseat of your car, since they can't spill or leak.)

3. These wipes are super easy to use, and won't get your hands greasy or sticky during application.

4. These wipes contain SPF 30, which means you can (and will) still get a tan if you use them.

5. These wipes are $5.  As in, cheaper than your lipstick. As in, cheaper than a subway pass. As in, you have no excuse not to wear sunscreen. Got it?

Supergoop sunscreen wipes, now $5 per pack at Sephora.