Witchy Jewelry Under $80

Get magical with jewelry

With all the hype on witches, covens (a.k.a., girl squad goals), and the usual, all-black looks, it's natural to want in on the magic. We've figured that the best way to get in on the not-so-new trend is by accessorizing. Go for a piece that screams

American Horror Story: Coven

, or a natural crystal piece with metaphysical properties. Try looking for the classics, like amethyst and clear quartz, or go for something a bit more foreign, like a raw diamond in rock form. The options are endless. Bring out that inner witch in you while you can—and while it's still acceptable.

Urban Outfitters, Summer Crystal Sand Hoop Earring, $16, available at Urban Outfitters.

Forever 21, Faux Crystal Ring, $4.90, available at Forever 21.

Nasty Gal, Crystal Clear Collar Necklace, $35, available at Nasty Gal.

LOVEsick, mood choker, $6.50, available at Hot Topic.

Pixie Market, Galaxy Pyrite Stone Ring, $76, available at Pixie Market.

Free People, Claw Stone Cuff, $38, available at Free People.

Madewell, Geo-Shape Cuff Bracelet, $24.50, available atMadewell.

Gypsy Warrior, Crystal Choker, $12.95, available at PacSun.

Miss Wax, Luca Circle Bracelet, $70, available at NYLON Shop.

Panacea, Double Druzy Layered Necklace, $60, available at South Moon Under.