woodland shark laptop duffle by sprayground

The last carry-on you will ever purchase…

by Josh Madden

woodland shark laptop duffle by sprayground

Let's face it guys, in todays world there are a lot of great bags out there. The truth is the backpack and duffle bag game is probably at it's most competitive ever and we personally hit a wall recently when planning a short trip. Here's the predicament: You need to pack a little more than your back pack will hold but you need something to carry your laptop in and your keys, passport, money, plane tickets all end up demanding more than pocket space. So normally you pack a duffle and end up carrying a backpack and let's not get started on those airlines that only allow you one carry-on, forcing you to check a duffle and wait at baggage claim. All of this because you needed more than a backpack's worth of room. Oh, and then there's the gym conversation: do you carry a backpack from work with your iPad or laptop and a duffle for the gym. This is an age old problem my friends...but not anymore.Our new friends at


have a line of duffle bags that are literally going to change the whole landscape of traveling, gym time, and well, going anywhere you're currently carrying two bags. First they put a pocket conveniently on the top of that back that will fit everything that you normally fill your pockets with (now you can fly in sweats no problem) and it zips shut. There's an inner 9'in x 9'in pocket which also zips shut but the kicker is, get this, a padded, fuzzy velour lined outer pocket that runs the length of the bag. This semi-hidden pocket is big enough to fit two laptops and easily zips open for those times in the rushed security line. Now you can can carry everything you need for an day, overnight or weekend with one strap over your shoulder.Our favorite model of this new Sprayground range the Woodland Camo duffle with plush chenille details. The shark face bomber vibe is rad not to mention the nylon camo exterior is 900d water resistant. From this day forward we shall travel hands free with one carry on and no fear of losing our passport. Check out the full line and place your order