Wrongchilde Love is a Battlefield

mat devine and morgan kibby cover “love is a battlefield”!

by liza darwin

When a member of the NYLON family drops a new project, we're stoked. But when it's Mat Devine and his indie outfit Wrongchilde, excited doesn't even begin to describe it. The Kill Hannah frontman is taking a break from his day job of throbbing rock jams in favor of Wrongchilde's dark romance. Not to be confused with Kanye's dark twisted fantasy, Devine's version is emotionally wrought, stocked with heartbreak, loss, and yeah, tons of love. 

The band's self-financed debut album Gold Blooded drops this August, but luckily, we've got a taste of what to expect right here. 

The musician's offering a moody, murky take on Pat Benatar's '80s hit "Love Is A Battlefield." (Unexpected? Yes. Awesome? Definitely). But even better, he's reworking the classic jam with one of our other faves, Morgan Kibby!

The White Seas singer (formerly of M-83) adds her gorgeous vocals to the cover, and the final product is the epitome of gloomy cool. Watch the video below, then find out more about Wrongchilde here.