Yeah But No Find Beauty In Tension In Their New Video

Faustian, much?

There's a German legend where a gentleman by the name of Faust becomes so dissatisfied with his success that he makes a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited pleasure and knowledge. In a way, Faust gets what is unattainable, and yet, he grows bored with even that. Unlimited pleasure, it would seem, is the ultimate paradox.

Yeah But No, the Berlin-based duo made up of Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss, explore these Faustian ideas in their song "Sand." Greed tells us the song is a reflection on the human urge for immortality. He calls it "an unattainable craving that can't be satisfied [or] fulfilled." The song, then, becomes an allegory—one that's rooted in deep house music, so deep it takes hold of the listener's psyche, arresting them in the beat for its near five minutes. 

The video, which we're premiering here, is "an abstract story in the line of search and destroy," Greed says. It highlights "the tension created by desire and denial." No one told us that tension could sound so very sinister and sweet at the same time. Watch for yourself, below. 

Yeah But No's self-titled debut LP drops November 10 via Sinnbus.