good listener

our five favorite songs of the week!

by nylon

Yuck, "Coconut Bible"

What is it about this U.K. quintet that makes them so freaking addictive? Chalk it up to the triple threat- they've got easy melodies, a happy-go-lucky vibe, and just the right amount of fuzz. Okay, so maybe the lyrics of their latest single don't make the most sense ("I was damaged by a coconut-carrying chicken"), but this poppy track is perfect for the first real day of New York spring.


Little Red, "Rock It"

After their sophomore album made it to the number 2 spot on The Hottest 100 music poll, it's about time these Aussie dudes finally hit stateside. With a rock n' roll base and catchy, doo-wop undertones, tracks like "Rock It" sound like Phoenix or Vampire Weekend after spending a long day at the beach. It's a great intro to this group, and we can't wait for more. LD

Icona Pop, "Manners"

Combine two Swedish musicians, some ridiculously catchy synth beats, and a refreshing "screw you" attitude, and what do you get? A hit, that's what. With lyrics like "Manners, you better reconsider, you can never do better," the debut single from these Scandinavian girls is the ultimate sweet-sounding brush off. Although their album won't drop until later this year, get an early listen by downloading "Manners" for free above. LD

Austra, "Beat and the Pulse"

If you have to crib electro songs from someone, it might as well be a singer who claims she's a witch - at least inside her lyrics. So if you crank this dark gloom-pop in your bedroom before you go up, you might cast a spell on your ex, your frenemies, or your local club.  Or at least end up wearing extra-powerful eyeliner...


Birds of Avalon, "Shadowy End"

Speaking of magic, you might want to check out this band that's named for King Arthur's mystical burial place.  Listening to their rolling, rock-and-its-feedback-guitar sound might not make you royalty, but it'll definitely make you queen of the dance hall.