Check Out Your Favorite Foods Turned Into Adorable Plush Toys

    So cute, you’ll want to eat them

    by · April 27, 2016

    Photo by Sarah K Jelleren

    Do you ever find something so adorable, you just want to gobble it up? Then you’ll have a soft spot for Yummy World, a new collection of plush toys bringing new meaning to the phrase “comfort food.” From pizza backpacks to squishy, smiley lemonade, we just can’t resist the cuteness—so it’s a good thing that each item is available now on NYLONshop.

    The plushies of Yummy World are described by parent brand Kidrobot as a “unique cast of characters” inhabiting their own precious, edible universe, called Sprinkle Tree. This magical land is made up of “fresh baked friendships,” because why shouldn’t sausages, fries, and ice cream be BFFs? The best part is that these goodies won’t violate your diet. What they will do is turn you into a cuddle-happy hugging machine upon contact. Warning: It’s contagious.

    Browse each yummy item in the gallery, below.

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