Yuna Colors

the multi-tasking musician does it again with “colors”!

by liza darwin

Yuna might not be a household name in America--not yet, anyway--but chances are you're already familiar with the Malaysian singer's silky-smooth breakout single "Live Your Life." Filled with layered beats, gorgeous vocals, and a super mellow vibe, the 2012 track is chill pop music at its absolute prettiest. 

Since then, the businesswoman (she has a store called I am Jet Fuel in Malaysia) has been seriously busy. Her songs have popped up everywhere from the 2012 film Savages to Pretty Little Liars to our iPod's most-played list. Oh, and given the fact that he produced her self-titled debut album, it should go without saying that Pharrell Williams is her #1 fan. Not too shabby, right?

Yuna's gearing up to release her follow-up disc Nocturnal later this month, and we have the exclusive premiere of her new track "Colors." We've already had the song on repeat all morning, and you should too! This glimmery musical gem is just too good not to listen on repeat. There's more where that came from when Nocturnal drops October 29--but while you're waiting, get a taste of Yuna with "Colors" below.

Pre-order Nocturnal and listen to more Yuna here.