Harry Potter Beez In The Trap Now

The trap lord rises

You think you're hard, but you don't even know. Surviving a dementor sucking your soul? That's hard. Being The Boy Who Lived™? That's hard. Pwning noobs on Overwatch? Mmm, not that hard! But don't let me tell you what's hard. I'm a former emo kid who was trapped in an Abercrombie lifestyle and still unironically enjoys My Chemical Romance today. (Read: not hard.) Sixteen-year-old Belgian artist Yung Mavu, however, can. He's made one of 2017's first truly viral moments and it's popping off faster than Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs.

"Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)" was uploaded to YouTube January 4, 2017, and has since racked up more than a million views. The full-length song came from a freestyle he did back in June of 2016, where he bust out the song's first verse over a trap mix of the iconic Harry Potter theme. What follows is a play on Harry Potter's vernacular, spinning it into bars about stuntin' on 'em. "And I can talk with snakes so I pull up with venom/ I didn't talk about Dobby, but I know he got me/ I've been sneaking round Hogwarts and they never caught me," he raps before saying "you better know I'm not playing." Expecto ayyeeetronum, Yung Mavu. Noted.