A Reporter Dedicates A Song To Zac Efron During Interview

“an ode to zac efron”

by jenny lee

Watching awkward celebrity interviews has recently become one of the Internet's favorite pastimes. Perhaps sparked by that trainwreck of an interview between the hosts of Good Day Sacramento and Cara Delevingne, or that trainwreck Trainwreck interview, the Web soon was swarming with videos and supercuts of cringeworthy celebrity interviews over the years.

While most of those awkward interviews are a result of insenitive questioning on the reporter's end or a star having a bad day, a new interview with Zac Efron and Sunrise's Steven Hargrave was awkward for slightly different reasons. In an interview to promote the actor's upcoming film We Are Your Friends, reporter Hargrave played his self-produced "Ode To Zac Efron" for the actor during the interview.

The debatably catchy electronic-dance song features lyrics like, "He's back! Yeah, it is Zac. Zac Efron." The unsuspecting Efron looked visibly shocked, as did director Max Joseph and co-star Emily Ratajkowski, who were also present at the interview. Ratajkowski's expression of pure disbelief is great, as is Efron's failed attempt to look anything less than creeped out by the track. It's one of those things that make you so uncomfortable that you can't help pressing...replay...for some...reason.