See Zac Efron Smoke Crack, Party With De Niro In Dirty Grandpa Trailer

this should be interesting

Yes, that’s right: Not only will Zac Efron smoke crack in the new comedy Dirty Grandpa, he’ll be hitting the seedy motel rooms and drunken pool parties of Daytona Beach with esteemed actor Robert De Niro. It’s a thing that is happening.

In the comedy, the soon-to-be-married young Efron jumps into a Pepto-Bismol-colored Mini with his just-widowed grandfather on an epic journey through Spring Breakers territory, though with more wrinkles and less Selena Gomez. 

Much as we’d like to hate on the Oscar winner slumming it in this Hangover-style comedy, we really just can’t. First off, he looks charming in it. Secondly, De Niro seems to have a fling with our woman Aubrey Plaza who turns up as a gerontophilic Whoo Girl and adds the term “party some babies into us” to our vernacular. Solid. 

Naturally, there’s chemical debauchery—supplied by Jason Mantzoukas—and shirtlessness from both Efron and De Niro. Sounds like good, clean fun. Dirty Grandpa is in theaters January 22, 2016. Check out the trailer above.