ZAYN Is Back In The Game With A New Music Video

Feast your eyes on ‘Still Got Time’

Last week was all about Harry Styles, but now we're back to focusing on Zayn Malik. (Serious questions: Is this guy always accompanied by an enigmatic, smoky aura?) The former One Directioner dropped a Calmatic-directed music video for his latest single "Still Got Time" featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR and it is as wild as you would expect.

The grainy visual opens with a groggy Zayn engaged in his favorite activities (smoking and drinking) minutes before the scene escalates. The moment you see a group of girls drinking clear liquor out of a glass skull, you know that this house party is about to get hardcore. You know it's a real rager when skaters are diving down your stairs, folks are chilling in your bathtub with their clothes on, a tattoo artist is inking you up in your kitchen, and your barber gives you a fresh shave in the middle of the crowd.

Gigi is nowhere to be seen at this function, not that we could ever picture her at a gathering like this anyway. (She seems like more of a day party kinda gal.) At the end, an adorable monkey perches up on Zayn's shoulder as if to say "I've had enough, please get me out of here" as Zayn hallucinates an alligator strolling through his backyard. We're not entirely sure if the monkey's presence is supposed to be a nod to Justin Bieber, but we'd like to think it is. 

We have to say that we feel sorry for Zayn, because in addition to dealing with a wicked hangover, cleaning up after that party is really going to suck. Scroll up and watch all the raunchy shenanigans in the video above.