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insta files friday: zine store tour

zine time, fun time.

by emma orlow

Not-so-shocking fact of the day: Everyone here at NYLON is magazine-obsessed. And we have a feeling you are, too. We founded NYLON on DIY-culture back in '99, which is why we are also just as interested in the places that are keeping self-publishing alive. But even though copy + paste zines are fun to make and share, oftentimes small-batch zines can be so obscure that you don’t know where to find ‘em. That’s why we rounded up our favorite zine shop Instagram accounts. We have a feeling once you check them out, you’ll not only want to catch all their zines (Pokemon-style), but start making your own as well. Hey, be sure to share photos with us if you do!

Ooga Booga – Los Angeles

Ooga Booga is kind of our dream store. From sculptures of rainbow-colored excretion to constellation cards to giant book-shaped bling, the shop is where random knick-knacks you didn’t know you wanted (but can’t stop yourself from buying) come to thrive. Most importantly, they also have a serious devotion to rad zines, which you’ll definitely want to flip through when you stop by.

Printed Matter – New York

It’s hard to wander into Printed Matter without making some kind of purchase. The non-profit shop has everything from one-of-a-kind “Artist’s Anonymous” cards to zines about “How to Win Friends And Influence People.” You know, the necessities.

Papercut- Stockholm

While we never actually been to Papercut, we love following this Swedish shop's Instagram. Papercut keeps us up-to-date on zines we had no idea existed. We might just have to fly all the way to Europe to get to flip through them ourselves... 

Farewell Books- Austin

You might have been drawn into Farewell Books for their first-editions of works by Larry Clark and Patti Smith. Or, maybe you’ve stopped by for an in-store event. And while those are definitely all good reasons, we’re thinking you should stop by Farewell Books to check out their one-of-a-kind self-published art books.

Little Paper Planes – San Francisco

Whether it’s a showcasing local clothing designers or walls full of screenprints, Little Paper Planes is like Pinterest IRL. They always have new rad zines in-store to check out, too, like one called Return of the Haughty Bitches that is sure to be a hoot. PS -- You might remember LPP from our rad “City Find” post back in July. 

Donlon Books- London

Located in London's Hackney neighborhood, Donlon sells everything from rare Keith Haring hankerchiefs to books called "White Trash Cooking." Their Instagram gives you a behind-the-scenes into the stores coolest upcoming curations.

PRINT tEXT- Indiana 

PRINT tEXT turns photos of their upcoming zines into its own psychedelic art, so it's definitely worthing following on Instagram.

Quimby's Bookstore- Chicago

What will you find on Quimby's Bookstore's Instagram? Cats hanging between bookshelves, cute post-its tacked up on computers, in-store crafting parties, and employees just being downright silly. 

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