The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars help you crush your fitness goals

Did you resolve to work out more consistently this year—again? So did we. Whether you're looking to get stronger (to beat the shit out of patriarchy once and for all) or more flexible (just to be able to reach your toes for, like I don't know, fun?) in 2018, the greatest hurdle when it comes to achieving fitness goals is being able to stick with them after January is over. Having maintained our resolutions to varying degrees over the years—and, most recently, beginning to reject making resolutions in favor of setting intentions—we decided to do what we always do in situations like this: look to the stars for guidance on how to succeed.

Sure, picking a workout you can commit to for the next year based on your astrology sign is not all that scientific, but it's also not not scientific. (Okay, it is not scientific, but let us have this anyway!)

Ahead, the best workouts for your zodiac sign.


Fearless, fiercely competitive, and adventurous, these Mars-ruled signs need a workout that can help channel their more aggressive spirit. Heart-pumping, military-style boot camps and CrossFit classes will allow these fire signs to sweat it all out, mentally and physically, while satisfying their need for competition at all times. For Aries who steer clear of such adrenaline-inducing workouts and their sometimes-cult-like followings, combat sports, like kickboxing, are also great. as they maintain the butt-kicking intensity of the aforementioned while providing me-against-me competition which Aries likewise desire.


Ruled by Venus, these earth signs believe in a slow and steady approach to achieving the best results—workouts included; they are notorious for being able to withstand any burn (more so than any other sign) so long as they have been prepared for it. Book-ended by a warm-up and cool-down, no muscle gets left untouched during a barre workout that spends the entirety of its session isolating muscles only to work them to the point of exhaustion. Intended to tone the body while improving strength, balance, and posture, it's a graceful workout perfect for these practical beings who prefer when their workouts don't feel like workouts—that is until they wake up the next morning.


You know this already, but it bears repeating: You get bored easily, my fellow air twins. Nothing kills your resolve more than monotony, which is why you were the first out of your group to try underwater spinning, trampoline workouts, and any new age variation on yoga. To avoid boredom and maintain motivation past January, these Mercury-run signs should try a gym that offers many different types of classes like Crunch or Equinox, a specialized service or studio like ClassPass or SoulAnnex, or a hybrid workout that involves several practices in one session, peppered, naturally, with any unconventional class that happens to debut on the workout circuit.


Abode- and comfort-loving, Cancers prefer to stay indoors at all times. Moon-ruled homebodies through and through, they are the most likely out of all the signs of the zodiac to stick with an at-home online workout, offered through apps like YogaGlo or Nike+ Training Club, that they can do from the comfort of their living room. Known for being great cooks, they also do well with workouts that are supplemented by thought-out meal plans, like Tone It Up. For Cancers willing to leave their house, any workout that involves a "workout buddy," the closest thing to home for crabs, is another option.


These fire signs love to be center of attention, the spotlight being the only thing that can hold their attention long enough when it comes to working out. Their desire for an audience will be tamed when race training for a marathon, Color Run, or an obstacle mud run, Instgrammable spectacle races that were practically invented for these signs who also love social media. Speaking of social media, Leos will be thrilled about the "accountability" factor of training, that includes broadcasting logged miles and achieved goals to their feed in preparation for the big day.


Virgos are nothing if not disciplined and organized, which is why a structured class, where they perform the same thing at the same time, will most likely help them stay on track with their resolutions. An efficient and controlled class, like spinning, will allow these methodical overachievers to get the most out of their workouts in the shortest amount of time, improve performance, strength, and stamina over time (Virgos are also nothing if not patient), and reap health benefits—which is why practical Virgos really work out in the first place.


True to their sign's attributes, Libras excel at all activities that require balance. While it may appear, on first glance, that yoga would be the perfect practice for these graceful signs that like to be grounded to their element, earth, they tend to get bored of it after a few months. To avoid that, Libras should take a step further with Pilates or Pilates Reformer, a core-strengthening workout that employs all muscles, improves flexibility, and tests the boundaries of all they previously thought they knew about gravity and balance.


The most intense sign of the zodiac, Scorpios need a workout to match. And what better way to let off steam and display the power of mind-over-body mentality, fitting of a sign ruled by the planet of death and sex, than boxing? While punching things may appear to be a therapeutic way for Scorpios to channel their pent-up aggression caused by the daily grind, boxing is also an incredibly effective workout that targets the entire body and soothes the mind, which, contrary to popular opinion, is something of great importance to this sign. For those looking to unleash their unabashedly sexy side, try pole dancing in between all of those punching sessions.


The unrivaled athletes of the zodiac, everything Sagittariuses do workout-wise comes easily to them. The fire signs could take things to the next level by investing in a personal gym trainer who will continue to push them regardless of their advanced level. Seeing as they already lead a very active lifestyle, that oftentimes includes a gym membership and a ClassPass (because, again, they're the athletes of the zodiac), they would benefit by supplementing traditional workouts with more fun and social outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, biking, and hiking.


These no-nonsense signs are not scared of endurance-testing workouts that get their hearts pumping and muscles burning. With a strong sense of focus and will of steel to achieve goals they have set, these Saturn-born signs thrive in intense workout environments that other signs crumble under. Whereas they can borrow from any of Aries' workouts and complete them with flying colors, HIIT classes—where the grueling workouts require discipline and honestly that only Caps have to truly give their all during bursts of high aerobic activity without cheating—will be the ones they should take on for best results.


Social air signs, Aquariuses love being surrounded by people at all times. While any unconventional group class will keep their attention span for a minute, active dance cardio classes, like 305 Fitness and Vixen Workout, will allow them to remain consistent in achieving their goals, not get bored thanks to an ever-changing choreography, and provide a social setting for post-class mingling. Plus, dance classes almost always guarantee a great playlist that the music-loving Aquarians (which is basically all Aquarians) will appreciate.


Being that a Pisces is a water sign and a literal fish, some might suggest they do something obvious, like underwater spinning or paddleboarding. We, on the other hand, prefer not to treat these Neptune-ruled signs this literally. Yes, they're lovers of all things water, but they're also sensitive creatures who crave cerebral freedom from their ever-racing thoughts. Yoga will ground them spiritually and build their strength gradually; combined with meditation, it will calm their anxiety and help find mental clarity. If they already practice yoga, they should consider switching things up with an aerial yoga class or one practiced in a salt room or, sure, one that takes place in water.