obsessed: zosia mamet

“i can’t remember the last time i washed my hair.”

by steff yotka

No pink bows here--in real life Zosia Mamet is nothing like her TV counterpart Shoshanna on Girls.

We spied her at the opening of Persol Magnificent Obsessions: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship In Film at the Museum of the Moving Image this week where she was wearing a vintage jumpsuit she scored at Stone Fox Bride and golden jewelry by Maiyet. Even though it took all of our might not to completely fan-girl out, we managed to keep it together long enough to quiz her on everything she's obsessed with right now, from new music to not brushing her hair.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski

"I just finished a Bukowski book called Post Office that was really awesome. I'm obsessed with Bukowski. I always cry when I read him. He's such a sad human, but he's so fucking good."

Yon-Ka Sunscreen

"I just went away, and I always bring a bathing suit, overalls, and sunscreen because I never tan, I burn. I'm allergic to titanium which is in, like, all sunscreens. It's a really weird, stupid skin allergy. There's this company called Yon-Ka that makes this awesome sunscreen that doesn't have titanium in it, so I use that."

The Cabin Sisters

"My sister and I have a band and we're playing soon, so I've been listening to a lot of our influences like Talking Heads and Gillian Welch."

Edith Wharton's The Glimpses of the Moon

"I'm a huge reader so I always pack like three books [when I go away]. Right now I'm reading this Edith Wharton book called The Glimpses of the Moon."

Wild Child

"It's a husband and wife band that I've been listening to a lot. They sing that song 'Pillow Talk.'"

Getting Fancy

"I think we forget that every day is [a chance to] dress up or it can be if we want it to be."

Tom Waits

"I've been listening to Tom Waits a lot recently."

Not Dressing Like Shoshanna

"I think it's safe to say I've never felt [like I wanted to dress like Shoshanna]. [Laughs] I literally don't own a brush, and I can't remember the last time I washed my hair."