Unwrapped: Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

What Virgos want

'Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that's a full month in which we'll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life.

Need help figuring out what to get an ultra-emotional Pisces? Or maybe you want to get the perfect thing for the ultimate perfectionist (aka Virgo) in your life? Never fear, our super-comprehensive guide to astrological gifting will help you find the right gift for every sign under the sun.


This image (bottom left) is a still from news coverage of a woman who enacted a sit-in at the Statue of Liberty in protest against ICE. The shirt she is wearing is by an activist-artist collaborative project called WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. The Aries in your life would be proud to wear this shirt and support the work of these fearless people. Then, after a rough day of fighting in the streets, your Aries fireball might enjoy a little pampering. Why not this invigorating and luxurious set from Aesop? The brand's Curious Connection set features Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm in a lovely little case.

Also, if you want to get something made-to-order, this embroidery hoop from Etsy store YesStitchYes is the perfect gift for an Aries who lacks art in their home. This quote from Nicki Minaj is perfect—even though she might be a Sagittarius, there's not an Aries in the world that hasn't woken up with this thought in their head. Why not affirm their fire? Speaking of art, did you know that legendary artist Yayoi Kusama is an Aries supreme? Give the Aries in your life the chance to connect with the revolutionary spirit of Kusama's work, long before painted pumpkins were being sold at the MOMA for $300, with this beautiful book. And, this bold design throw pillow is the perfect Zodiac-themed gift to grab at Urban Outfitters on your way to the gift swap.

We Will Not Be Silent, White Supremacy is Terrorism shirt, $16, available at We Will Not Be Silent; Aesop, 'A Curious Connection' body care duo, $55, available at Aesop; YesStitchYes; Nicki Minaj 'Beez In The Trap' Hand Embroidery Hoop, $36, available at Etsy; Yayoi Kusama by Midori Yamamura, Jo Applin, and Mignon Nixon, $66, available at Amazon; Holli Zollinger For Deny, Zodiac Throw Pillow, $39, available at Urban Outfitters.


The Taurus in your life craves material tools for guiding them toward a deeper and more fulfilling practice of personal sacred ritual. This green soy wax ritual candle, infused with Motherwort Herb, Oak Flower Essence, and Cedarwood Essential Oil, in the sign of Earth, is lovingly hand-poured, woman-made, and topped with a Moss Agate Gemstone. So, it will do just the trick. Man, I can't get over Monica Kim Garza's work, and I won't. Thissexy pouch is large enough to protect most of your Taurus's precious materials, whether they be books, Tarot cards, fancy Korean skin-care products, or a note someone gave them in sixth grade. For a Taurus, home is a sacred place.

The scent of these handmade incense sticks from Norden, compromised of all-natural essential oils like Ojai, Frankincense, Cypress, Palo Santo, and Idyllwild will more than complement their tasteful and sensual decor. I love giving people the gift of knowing what true creative geniuses their own signs can be. That's why I think every Taurus deserves to revel in the work of Taurus Barbara Hammer in this collection: BARBARA HAMMER'S TRUANT: PHOTOGRAPHS 1970-1979. A Taurus doesn't really need a lot of frills, though they like frills, what they need is to feel good as often and as wholly as possible. You not what feels good? Cannabis-infused Lubricant. Talk about fusing the spirit of Venus and the power of the Earth Mother.

Magic Hour Astrology, Earth Element Handmade Ritual Candle, $36, available at Etsy; Monica Kim Garza, 'me gusta tu' zip pouch, $29, available at monicakimgarza; Friends NYC, Norden Incense, $19.99, available at Friends NYC; Capricious, Barbara Hammer's Truant: Photographs 1970-1979, $51.99, available at Amazon; BreadxButta, Bhang Butta, $40, available at BreadxButta.


Gemini rules the hands so a cute little nail color set is a lovely gift for them. This Essie kit features wintry corals paired with a classic December silver and deep blue. It's highly probable that the Gemini you love rarely rests their hands, often picking up new tools and techniques. Irojiten, Seascape Color Dictionary Pencil Set is the perfect gift for them, since "Irojiten" means 'color encyclopedia' in Japanese. Making up Tombow's color encyclopedia are three sets of three books of pencils, 90 colors in total. This is the third edition, curated to reflect the contrasting hues of a seascape." Then, the Ignota Diary isn't just any mystical day planner: "This beautifully designed diary and week-to-view planner is filled with historically significant magical and sacred dates from around the world, charting a diverse esoteric history across deep time. Drawn from events such as the Buddha's birthday, esoteric festivals, and artistic and occult history, the diary touches on the lives of characters such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Zora Neale Hurston, Carl Jung, Simone Weil, (…) Hilma af Klint, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, William Blake, and W.B. Yeats."

And, if there's anything a Gemini loves more than planning, it's lots and lots of useful information. The Voyager Golden Record LP Box Set is one lucky Gemini's Dream. This set of recordings—made for Voyager 1, a space probe launched by NASA in 1977—was made as a hopeful record of humanity on Earth in case of… encounters. "An analog compilation that strives to encapsulate the story of Earth in sound, the Golden Record contains a collage of global music, spoken greetings in 55 languages (and one whale language), and aural samples of natural and engineered environments." If you want to give your Gemini a truly luxurious reprieve from the chaos that imprints on their whirring brains, give them a set of noise-canceling Bose wireless headphones. The peace and quiet, or the singular experience of one song and nothing else, will raise them up into their highest selves. (The newest version of these comes with Alexa, but I don't think any Gemini benefits from a bot in the head).

Essie, Fall 2018 Mini Nail Polish Collection Kit, $18, available at Ulta;Tombow, Irojiten Seascape Color Dictionary Pencil Set, $60, available at CW Pencil Enterprise; Ignota, Ignota Diary 2019, $19, available at Ignota; Best Made Co., The Voyager Golden Record LP Box Set, $100, available at Best Made Co.;Bose, QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, $298.99, available on Amazon.


Give Cancer what they want, what they really really want: a relaxing evening so personal and supreme, they will forget they ever felt a negative feeling about the moon. Behold The Box from BREADXBUTTA, a kit that includes CBD-infused Moon Oil & Moon Magic suppositories, bath soak, a crystal, a sage bundle, and a yoni steam for after your moon flow. Every single Cancer I've ever known has the wildest dreams. And if they love you, then they want to tell you all about them. Save yourself from having to feign interest in an hour-long journey that has no meaning to you by gifting your sweet imaginative friend the Wander Dream Journal with "uniquely designed elements that guide your journey with simple prompts. Keep track of your dreams with six variables: emotion, sleep quality, time, color, viewpoint, and type."

Help the magic Cancer in your life burn their cardinal energy with this elegant moon-etched jarof long black matches from Skeem. Each bottle features a striker strip on the back for quick and dirty spell casting. Yes, Cancer is ruled by the moon, and the moon is ruling this gift guide. The more moons the merrier. Invite your Cancer to start off 2019 knowing every time they'll have one of their famous mood swings with this luminous 2019 moon phase calendar from Circle and Crescent. A Cancer's place is in the bedroom, building their own bio-dome and nursing each and every ache like one does a small child or injured animal. Give them this Huggable Sloth Heating Pad to complete the scene and make sure they stay being too cute for their own good.

Urban Outfitters, Huggable Sloth Cooling + Heating Pad, $29, available at Urban Outfitters; Circle and Cresent, 2019 Moon Phase Calendar, $25, available at Etsy; Skeem Design, Large Astronomy Match Bottle, $26, available at Skeem Design; Baron Fig, Wander Dream Journal, $22, available at Baron Fig; BreadxButta, The Box, $100, available at BreadxButta.


The Leo in your life deserves a big rest after the long, hard year. Consider giving them a lovely jar of small-batch bath salts like these Bright Herbal Bath Salts from Corpus Ritual: "With a flurry of chamomile, rose, & lavender, this Epson & dead sea salt blend is a really sweet way to end (or begin!) a day. Inviting in ease, warmth, pleasure, and joy, you can use this bath salt blend to set intentions of nurturance and care. It's lovely to gift yourself or to gift to someone who is coming out of a difficult or complex time. It can be a sweet reminder of what is possible when we return to ourselves and make time for rest."

Yes, "rose" is the key word for Leo-centered gifts, since Leo's powers are centered at the Heart Chakra, and that's what Rose Quartz is all about. Gift your loving Leo this Rose Quartz Roller from Energy Muse, which comes with a recipe for Rose Quartz facial mist and a crystal quality guarantee. The Tarot card associated with Leo is Strength; this handmade Fuerza La Velacandle is all about magical strength Leo seeks to offer others. One only offers what one can sustain so, help them sustain it. Laura Aguilar might have been a Scorpio, but her powerful, proud, work, is just the thing to spark Leo's quest for grace. A Chicana photographer who is most widely known for black-and-white nude self-portraits that are frank and self-assertive, yet deeply sensitive and poetic, gift your Leo this retrospective reflection of Aguilar's work. Also, this travel-size collection of Drunk Elephant's luxury face products is a steal at $90 and includes all of the brand's biggest hits. Your vain Leo friend will be forever grateful, and they'll use that little pink pouch until they die.

Corpus Ritual, Bright Herbal Bath Salts, $18, available at Of the Body; Energy Muse, Rose Quartz Roller, $29.95, available at Energy Muse; Brooklyn Brujeria, Fuerza la Vela Prayer Candle, $10, available at Etsy; Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell, $29.99, available at Amazon; Drunk Elephant, The Littles, $90, available at Sephora.


Give your butch Virgo babe this Carhartt Christmas Stocking which, according to one review, is: "GREAT AS WELL AS DURABLE. YOU CAN STUFF A LOT OF ITEMS IN THE STOCKING." Looking for a stocking stuffer? How about a lump of coal? Okay, you got me, not a lump of coal but this compact Chikuno Air Purifier made of charcoal from Kyoto, Japan. I promise you, your Virgo will love the pun and set up instantly cleaning their air pockets.

Also, consider bringing your Virgo a bottle of The Owl & The Dust Devil, a sustainable, handcrafted, Argentinian Cab-Malbec blend. Delightful to Mercury-ruled Virgos, this wine features a tech element "with an AR-enabled app that brings the Mendoza vineyards to life, capturing the property's watchful owls as they survey the estate, standing guard as dust devils or 'remolinos' make their way through the vines." This ethically made Jasper pendant featuring an Onyx bead is the perfect adornment for your earthy Virgo. Finally, Adrian Piper, born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo, will serve as our Virgo Supreme this holiday season. This book, a product of her awe-inspiring retrospective at the MoMA this summer, is a must-have for any art-loving Virgo in your life that yearns to touch fearlessness and embody a radical intellect.

Carhartt, Christmas Stocking, $14.99, available at Carhartt; Friends NYC, Chikuno Air Purifier, $29.99, available at Friends NYC; The Owl & The Dust Devil, Single Vineyard Red Blend, $33, available at The Owl & the Dust Devil; Willow Spirit Studio, Jasper Bullet Necklace, $22.40, available at Etsy; Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965–2016, $52.53, available at Amazon.


Ruled by Venus, a Libra loves beauty, sensuality, and aesthetic delicacy. Might I recommend a Third Eye Mist which boasts florals, essential oils, and GOLD MICA! And, get this, it boosts your intuition and wisdom. Not that your Libra needs it, of course, but it can't hurt! Speaking of aesthetic, your beauty-loving Libra will love one of these gorgeous HAY George Sowden Water Bottles which not only keeps beverages both hot and cold but clearly doubles as a sculptural object. Maybe your Libra is trying to kick her coffee habit, or maybe she just likes to switch up for the sake of… ahem… balance. Either way, she'll love this beginner's matcha kit which includes high-quality components like a whisk made by Japanese craftsman and Kiri-no-Mori matcha.

Also, your airy Libra will love this small-batch trio of crystal-charged essential oil roll-on's lavender-rose-sage trio featuring an organic lavender essential oil with an amethyst crystal inside (protection, purification, focus, success); an organic rose essential oil with a rose quartz crystal inside (awakens the heart, stimulates imagination); and an organic sage essential oil with a pyrite crystal inside each roll-on (confidence, creativity, willpower). Gift your beauty-loving Libra this elegant cult-favorite Tatcha Bestsellers Set, a steal at $60, which contains Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, The Water Cream and Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.

Friends NYC, Witchy Mists, $15.99, available at Friends NYC; HAY, George Sowden Water Bottle, $39, available at MoMA Design Store; oCha, Beginner's Matcha Kit, $54.56, available at oCha; Raw Spirit NYC, Crystal Charged Essential Oil Roll-On's Lavender-Rose-Sage Trio, $27, available at Raw Spirit NYC; Tatcha, Bestsellers Set, $60, available at Sephora.


Scorpios love a secret, and your Scorpio will love this sexy black sequin pillowthat keeps an even sexier secret when the sequins turn. (Thank you, Jeff.) Scorpios are known for their deep penetrating eyes. Give your Scorpio the gift of the HEX set from Urban Decay so that he can make his eyes that much more enchanting. After all, what Scorpio can resist something that boasts: "Five must-have shades let you reclaim your divine feminine energy. From Urban Decay's favorite deepest black to ethereal metallic platinum, this collection of long-lasting eye pencils will put a spell on you!"

If you really love your Scorpio, you'll gift them a coffee subscription from Driftaway Coffee. Run by a couple who just wants to give the world energy elixir, Driftaway Coffee offers subscribers coffee deliveries tailored to their needs, price ranges, and tastes. Scorpios have coffee in their veins you see, and they must never run dry.

You might have heard about the art show at the Guggenheim everyone's been talking about, and, if you haven't, then get your ear to the ground! What you probably haven't heard is that this mystic genius, this color rebel, the shape magician, was absolutely a Scorpio. Give your Scorpio the gift of Hilma af Klint's work in this exhibition catalogue and watch her beam with pride over her coven. Scorpio might be a water sign, but they are a desert animal. Remind the Scorpio in your life of their wild hot nature with this lovely Desert Gift Set from Juniper Ridge, featuring Desert Cedar body wash, essential oil, and Piñon incense.

Memeskins, Jeff Goldblum Topless Sequin Pillow, $29.18, available at Etsy; Urban Decay, Hex Remedy 24/7 Travel Eye Pencil Set, $29, available at Ulta; Driftaway Coffee, Personalized Coffee Subscription, $39-$268, available at Driftaway Coffee; Guggenheim Store, Hilma Af Klint: Paintings For The Future, $65, available at Guggenheim Store; Juniper Ridge, Desert Gift Set, $34, available at Juniper Ridge.


Sagittarius loves things that are both functional and nostalgic. They are sentimental and playful at heart. That's why this Safety Pizza is a perfect stocking stuffer. A reflective tool for your bicycling Sag, this pizza will help protect them when the road gets dark and drivers lose visibility. A customizable object with a smattering of whimsy, it will flap right into your Sag's heart. Switching gears (no pun intended!), every Sagittarius I have ever known has had a thing for Rothko. Maybe it's the heightened emotion cased in absurd simplicity. Maybe it's the secret color code that begs to be studied and interpreted. Whatever the case, this Rothko: Untitled 1967 Framed Print is $200, and I think that is a great deal. Your Sag will agree.

Does your Sagittarius like to go on adventures? Of course, they do! Do they like to look effortlessly stylish with a hint of old-school charm? You betcha. Then they are going to melt over this Leather NYPL Bookbinding Stamp Backpack. What? They get to carry around their philosophy books in an Italian leather sack and help support the New York Public Library?! Praise be. One of my closest Sagittarian friends has one of these in her small studio apartment and, besides one other poster, she does not want for decoration. The Nanoleaf - Light Panels - Rhythm Edition can change colors and rhythms according to your Sag's personal tastes. Which I know are probably somewhere right between simple and out of their mind. Personally, I'd pair this gift with a mix of songs by Sagittarian King Princess. But that's just the kind of generous lesbian I am.

Can you believe it? Polaroids are back! And after Kodak basically wiped Rochester off the map. Well, no matter, the world is ending, the dead rises, and your Sagittarius can get instant satisfaction. Give them the gift of The Globe Trotter Gift Set, which comes with a refurbished Polaroid 600 camera, film, and an instant postcard set.

Safety Pizza, $20, available at Safety Pizza;Rothko: Untitled 1967 Framed Print, $200, available at MoMA Design Store; New York Public Library, Leather NYPL Bookbinding Stamp Backpack, $175, available at the The New York Public Library Shop; Nanoleaf, Light Panels - Rhythm Edition, $199.99, available at Best Buy; Polaroid, The Globe Trotter Gift Set, $174.99, available at Polaroid.


Capricorn loves all things Capricorn, and there's no better Capricorn, no sea-goat more magnificent, than Sade. Gift your Cap this handmade, reiki-charged, bathed-under-the-full-moonritual Tarot Candle and prove to her that yours is no Ordinary Love. Pisces might be dreaming with amethyst over his eyes, but you and I both know that when a Capricorn goes to sleep, she's still making money. Support your Capricorn in her continuous hustle and let this eye pillow do the invocation while she rests.

Tell me you know a Capricorn that doesn't love the Twilight Zone, and I know you're a liar. They all love it. The future world they're working so hard for, the unknown expanse they'll traverse on their little goat hoofs, the dark oceans they'll wade at the banks. Plus, all those moral lessons. Capricorn loves to point shit out. Give them this sci-fi inspired print of the dark moon, and see what stories they can spin out of it. This year, I've decided that I'm just gonna treat all Capricorns like they're goth because in my deepest heart I believe that they all are. For this reason, I present to you the Victorian Perfume Spray- Dark Magick Collection. The collection offers scents like SEANCE, a "deep scent [that] evokes the spiritual realms both above and below," and GRAVE, "the mourning scent of moist earth with the woodsy notes of patchouli, cedar, amber and pine. A fresh touch of rose petals evoke the scent of flowers left for the departed." The fragrances are contained in matte black bottles that remind me of my poet friend Rachel Mckibbens, a Capricorn witch of the highest order. At the end of the day, no matter how dark or brooding or sharp your Capricorn is, you know all she really wants is to feel sensual and seen. This lovely lip trio by Julep looks good on any mouth (although it isn't "nude" on every mouth). It dries soft and with rich pigment. As rich as the very earth your Capricorn rises out of.

Friends NYC, 90's Icon Ritual Candle - Sade, $20.99, available at Friends NYC; Merideth Hillbrand, Eye Pillow, $30, available at Otherwild; Capricorn Press, La Lune Print, $15+, available at Etsy; The Parlor Apothecary, Victorian Perfume Spray- Dark Magick Collection, $34, available at Etsy; Julep, Full Swoon Nude Lip Trio, $29, available at Ulta.


The Stellarscope from Best Made Co. is a lovely gift for the Aquarius in your life who's curious about the cosmos, but in a totally chill, slip it out of your pocket and take a peek, kind of way. My friend Alina, who describes herself as a "consummate Aquarius," was quick to point me to überlube as the perfect gift for her zodiac species. She said it felt like liquid gold. That's the kind of alchemy we all need in our lives.

"Reach out and touch (consensually) someone's boobs. Admire lovingly your boobs. Boobs... it's a funny word." This weird, wonderfulposter of a gouache painting is large (18 x 24) and delightful; made by Rebekah Erev, a Jewish Priestess, it's a perfect fit for the kind of abode an Aquarius would curate. This small perfect pin set features one of the great Aquarians of American history, the rebel genius, Audre Lorde, and her famous words: "I am deliberate and afraid of nothing." This beautiful organic hand lotion (how else will Aquarius bear the water getting their hands all chapped?) is a collaboration between Under Aurora and illustrator Leigh Cox. Thisscent, featuring Aquarian artist Ruth Asawa (a foremother of abstract sculpture), boasts notes of grapefruit, Litsea Cubeba, and Vetivert.

Best Made Co., The Stellarscope, $38, available at Best Made Co.; Überlube, überlube, $15-$28, available at Überlube; Rebekah Erev Studio, Boobs Poster 18 x 24, $25, available at Rebekah Erev Studio; JB Brager, Audre Lorde pin, $12.50, available at JB Brager; Under Aurora, Women We Love Organic Hand Lotion, $22, available at Etsy.


Listen, even if your Pisces has an eye pillow, tell them to throw it right out, because this is the eye pillow every Pisces deserves, as it's filled with lavender, flaxseeds, and ...wait for it… pieces of amethyst. This sleep treat was made for the dreamer in your life. If you're visiting a Pisces, and you want to treat them well, why not bring over a beautiful bottle of Elysian Collection Merlot? Pisces loves to get away from their troubles, and this wine is trouble-free: "An homage to their contributions—from tending the cover crops between vine rows to enriching the fertility of the soil—this wine symbolizes the interconnectivity that makes our vineyards' biodiversity possible." See? Everybody gets to feel good.

Thisspirit cloth is the perfect esoteric tool for a Pisces that learned all the spreads in their past life but already forgot them because they shifted into a parallel universe and live there now. And, you don't have to be a Pisces to read this book by Melissa Broder, but The Pisces is a smart and striking gift for any Pisces worth their salt; consider this synopsis "… pairing hilarious frankness with pulse-racing eroticism, The Pisces is a story about falling in obsessive love with a merman: a figure of Sirenic fantasy whose very existence pushes Lucy to question everything she thought she knew about love, lust, and meaning in the one life we have." Finally, this Terra Cotta Foot/Skin Exfoliator is the perfect stocking stuffer for Pisces! Not only is it lovingly hand-formed and made to last through this brutal drying winter, but it's in perfect keeping with Pisces traits as the fish of the Zodiac who rules the feet.

Energy Muse, Amethyst Eye Pillow, $25, available at Energy Muse; Bonterra, Elysian Collection Merlot 2016, $25, available at Bonterra; Friends NYC, Tarot Spirit Cloth, $20, available at Friends NYC; Holy Sponge, Terra Cotta Foot/Skin Exfoliator, from $6, available at Holy Sponge;The Pisces, available at Amazon.