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Barbie Ferreira Made Her Very Own Highlighter With Becca Cosmetics

The limited-edition product is now available online

For her latest gift to the world, Barbie Ferreira is both the beauty brains behind Becca Cosmetics newest, limited-edition highlighter, named Love. Previously announced as a spokesperson for the beauty brand back in January, Ferreira has unveiled a new hue for the company's line of Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter. The limited-edition product is now available online for purchase.

In an Instagram announcement from Becca Cosmetics, the brand explained that the Ignite line features six shades made for all different skin tones. Along with Ferreira's translucent shade, additional hues include Strength, a radiant bronze, Gratitude, a warm copper pearl, Creativity, a soft golden pearl that reflects peachy-pink, Passion, a pale incandescent pearl, and Acceptance, a soft golden pearl that reflects pink. Bottles retail for $38, and the product can be applied all over the face and body.

Ferreira's shade is exclusive to online retailers only, and is scented with a blend of pineapple, fresh coconut, and orange flower notes. The liquid formula also includes sunflower oil and Vitamin E, ensuring your skin will not only shine, but feel soft. Shades are also water and transfer resistant, making this a perfect addition to your summer beauty regimen. For best use, Becca suggests applying two to three drops on the body and then massaging the product in. For use on the cheekbones and high points of the face, you should use one drop.

The collaboration between the Euphoria star and Becca Cosmetics marks the first major beauty campaign for the celeb. In addition to launching her own highlighter, Ferreira has served as the face of promotional images aimed at touting the glow you can achieve with Becca products.

When she had announced her new role via Instagram, Ferreira had shared that's been a longtime fan of the brand, writing, "The Becca liquid highlighter was the first highlighter I ever bought, back when I was serving dark blue smokey eyes in high school and spending hours on YouTube looking up how to make fake scars with spirit gum. I couldn't be more thrilled to do this with a brand I've used religiously since the start of my love for makeup!"

See Ferreira modeling the product, below.